Meltano v1.20.1 is keeping your Valentine's Day bug free!

It's been a bug-squashing week all over the globe with team Meltano, and we're even more excited as we keep working on better default dashboards and interfaces.

We squashed a number of bugs this week, and continue tweaking the interface to refine the UI and make Meltano simple and easy to use.

The team is also working hard to build a set of default dashboards for each new data connector, so it’s easy for anyone to have a great view of their business the moment they connect to a new data source.

Did You Know?

Meltano is completely open source - which means you can go look at the source code AND the work in progress through GitLab issues at any time!

Meltano on GitLab


  • #1650 create TOS page and add TOS link to website footer


  • #1681 Update transform during pipeline save to conditionally set skip vs. run to prevent wasted cycles for extractors that lack transformations

  • #1696 Update dashboards list to be alphabetically sorted

  • #1710 Hide tap-fastly in UI


  • #1696 Fix duplicate chart renders when dashboard is loaded

  • #1696 Fix “Add to Dashboards” button when loading an existing report (additionally updated disabled button states)

  • #1711 Disable fields of all kinds when a plugin setting is protected or set in env or meltano.yml

  • #1712 Fix lock icon tooltip message on plugin settings that were set in env or meltano.yml

  • #1677 Properly represent values of boolean settings that were set using environment variables in UI

Learn more about how you can get involved by reading our Contributor Guide and join the discussion in the public Meltano Slack community.

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