MeltanoHub for Singer launches with over 200 Taps and Targets

Singer is the leading open source data integration library

We're excited to announce the launch of MeltanoHub for Singer - with over 200 Taps and Targets listed! This effort has been over a month in the making and we're proud of this first iteration. We wrote a more detailed blog post about the launch as well.

MeltanoHub is built to solve one of the biggest challenges in the Singer ecosystem: discoverability. Singer is an active and vibrant ecosystem and we want the Hub to be the best place to find any Singer connector and to understand its quality.

We had three main goals with the launch of MeltanoHub:

  1. Showcase the majority of the connectors that already exist within the larger Singer ecosystem

  2. Make the directory of taps and targets dramatically better than what exists today

  3. Enable any person or organization to build on top of the large library of Singer connectors

We believe we've achieved each of these goals!

We've curated the majority of connectors along with the best variants and forks of each, and we've added metadata and metrics to each connector.

The Hub also provides several API endpoints with all of the JSON data we've curated enabling other organizations to surface information about available connectors in their own Singer-compatible product.

We hope you find this launch as useful as we hope you will! This is just the beginning, though, as we have many future iterations planned! Check out the blog post or just poke around the Hub itself for more details.

And stay tuned for even more exciting news in the coming weeks :)

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