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+186% in November, and we need your help to do it again in December!

Free Hosted Meltano Dashboards

In November we released Meltano as a free hosted product! This eliminates the hosting and installation hassle with a concierge-style setup so you can start building dashboards faster.

Click here to get started with a free hosted Meltano account - we’ll contact you to schedule a setup time and learn everything we can about your needs.

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See what hosted Meltano looks like in action
See the entire installation at, and also check out Meltano’s web traffic and team productivity on our custom dashboards.

Meltano v1.9.1 is Now Available

The latest Meltano release has numerous new features and bug fixes, including fixing an issue that some individuals experienced after updating to v1.8.0. If you’re having any trouble with Meltano, please update to v1.9.1 immediately.

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186% Month-over-Month Increase in Meltano Usage

Meltano’s monthly active UI users (MAUI) grew 186% in November and edged us closer to our 2019 goal of 1,000 MAUI. We strive to grow 10% each week (the number we aimed for while in Y Combinator), and while we achieved significant growth over October, we’re still behind pace for our year-end objective.

November Contributions & Cadence

November saw 100 merge requests, and we want to thank all of our contributors both inside GitLab and in the open source community for improving Meltano.

To see the full November changelog and more information about contributions, check out the November Recap on the Meltano Blog!

What’s Next…

We’re working hard to hit our MAUI goals, and would love your help! If you’re a founder and need a better way to view your company metrics, click here to get started and we’ll setup a Meltano instance you can share with your team and investors.

As always, please join us on Slack, tweet at us, and don’t hesitate to check out the Meltano project on GitLab!

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