Facebook Ads Data & Product Improvements

In the third week of January 2020, we've released the first version of a Facebook Ads Extractor and made numerous improvements to Meltano and its interface.

At the end of 2019, the Meltano team started working closely with startup founders to learn about their needs - and confirmed that it was still too hard for most users to get started. Getting started was difficult due to a lack of useful data extractors and an interface that allowed for more configuration than the average user needed.

Facebook Ads Data Extractor

In the last two weeks, Meltano has been updated to include a Facebook Ads data extractor, allowing Meltano users to start working with Facebook Ads data via the Facebook Marketing API. This integration is still being iterated on and improved, but is available for teams interested in dashboarding ads performance data from Facebook.

If you don’t already have a hosted Meltano account, click the button below to get started and we’ll work with you to setup an account and get Facebook Ads configured.

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Simplifying the Meltano UI

In addition to shipping new features and extractors, the Meltano team has been working on simplifying the user interface across the board - from removing views with no configurable options to renaming confusing links. These are small and spread far and wide, but they should be evident as you continue to use Meltano.

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As part of our effort to work closer with users, we’ll setup a hosted Meltano instance for free, and help you get connected to the services most important to your business.

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What shipped on January 20th and 23rd

Contributions & Cadence

Thank you to all our contributors, both inside GitLab and across the broader open source community for Meltano. Learn more about how you can get involved by reading our Contributor Guide and join the discussion in the public Meltano Slack community.



  • #1541 Revert tap-csv's kind: file to text input for csv_files_definition as we don't fully support tap-csv via the UI with single (definition json) and multiple (csv files) file uploading

  • #1477 Add a read-only mode to Meltano to disable all modifications from the UI

  • #1510 Remove breadcrumbs (not currently useful)

  • #1589 Add dbt-specific files to a .gitignore

  • #1402 Onboarding redesign to minimize steps and friction ('Extractors' as 'Data Sources', pipelines are secondary to 'Data Source' integrations, and removed loader, transform, and pipeline name as editable in favor of preselected values in accordance with our hosted solution)

  • #1402 Local development now requires .env to connect a target-postgres loader (docs update to follow in #1586 )


  • #1573 Fix docs shouldShowNavbar conditional and improve query string embed=true parsing

  • #1579 Make color contrast for CTA buttons accessible