MeltanoHub for Singer launches with over 200 Taps and Targets

Singer is the leading open source data integration library

We're excited to announce the launch of MeltanoHub for Singer - with over 200 Taps and Targets listed! This effort has been over a month in the making and we're proud of this first iteration. We wrote a more detailed blog post about the launch as well.

MeltanoHub is built to solve one of the biggest challenges in the Singer ecosystem: discoverability. Singer is an active and vibrant ecosystem and we want the Hub to be the best place to find any Singer connector and to understand its quality.

We had three main goals with the launch of MeltanoHub:

  1. Showcase the majority of the connectors that already exist within the larger Singer ecosystem

  2. Make the directory of taps and targets dramatically better than what exists today

  3. Enable any person or organization to build on top of the large library of Singer connectors

We believe we've achieved each of these goals!

We've curated the majority of connectors along with the best variants and forks of each, and we've added metadata and metrics to each connector.

The Hub also provides several API endpoints with all of the JSON data we've curated enabling other organizations to surface information about available connectors in their own Singer-compatible product.

We hope you find this launch as useful as we hope you will! This is just the beginning, though, as we have many future iterations planned! Check out the blog post or just poke around the Hub itself for more details.

And stay tuned for even more exciting news in the coming weeks :)

Building Meltano in Public: Bimonthly recap

It's only been 2 months?? 4 Meltano releases, SDK for Targets Launched, 22 contributions, and nearly 400 weekly active Slack members!

Today it was once again our turn to host a GitLab Group Conversation (a publicly live streamed Q&A on the GitLab Unfiltered YouTube channel) about Meltano!

The team used the opportunity to share a recap of:

If you’re curious, check out the presentation on Google Slides and the Q&A on YouTube. The presentation content is also reproduced on the Meltano blog.

Finally, consider joining 1000+ other Meltano users on Slack to be the first to know about new developments and receive support with any issues you may have!

Meltano community now 1000 strong

Also: Meltano v1.72.0, Singer SDK v0.1.3, Demo Day, and Office Hours

Last Friday marked a huge milestone for the Meltano community: we now have more than 1000 members on Slack, more than a third of whom are active every week!

This clearly shows the broader data community’s excitement about open source data integration and DataOps, and we feel extremely grateful to be joined by so many people on our journey to shape and build out our vision for future of the data profession.

We've written a short blog post to mark this achievement and highlight some other recent (community) developments. And don’t forget to join us on Slack if you’re not included in that number yet and want to get to know and learn from your fellow Meltano fans!

Of course, that’s not all that happened last week: we also released Meltano v1.72.0, Singer SDK v0.1.3, had a great Demo Day with multiple community members showing off their recent Meltano contributions and Singer SDK creations, and hosted Office Hours where we discussed using Meltano and Singer targets for “Reverse ETL”: loading (transformed) data back into a SaaS application rather than a warehouse.

It's been a busy week for Meltano!

The future of Meltano and Singer is bright

What a week for Meltano last week! We had 3 major blog posts including:

We’re very proud of the SDK and have had a great reception from the community. In both the Office Hours and in Demo Day we had community members share what they’ve been building. The SDK announcement was also included in the Fishtown Analytics Data Science Roundup!

Last week also saw the Slack community grow to over 950 people and we had several contributions to the documentation and the core project.

Thanks for being a part of this community and for helping to make Meltano what it is!

Meltano launches the Singer Tap SDK

v0.1.0 is out now to make building new data extractors easy!

We’re excited to announce we’ve launched v0.1.0 of our Singer Tap SDK! We’ve written a whole blog post about why we think this is such a big deal for the Singer ecosystem and the larger Meltano community.

Read all about the launch here!

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